Kinder Garten (KG)


Ms. Uma Sundaram
Montessori Educator

Uma Sundaram is an Early years facilitator who believes that teaching is a great profession that requires patience, dedication, and commitment to be successful. She has completed B.E(EEE), DECEdu., and has been working as an educator for early years with 7 years of experience. She loves to work with young minds as they love so wholly from their little hearts. She develops and uses a range of innovative teaching strategies and resources to engage young learners and support their achievement of learning goals.


Ms. Lekha Muthusamy
Montessori Educator

She is Lekha Muthusamy an M.A., M.Ed., graduate with 14 years of experience in Education. She feels the most precious and beautiful moment in her life is being with the kids. It is keeping her younger and faster. She believes each one is unique and special in their way. She is proud to be a homeroom educator and happy to facilitate the children individually for their joyful learning.


Ms. Sangeetha. A
Montessori Educator

Sangeetha. A holds a master’s degree in English and a bachelor of teacher education. She believes in creating a learning environment filled with love, care, and patience for the holistic development of children.


Ms. Chitra K.
Montessori Educator

Chitra K is a graduate in B.Sc. B.Ed., in Mathematics. She has 15 years of experience in teaching and learning process. This wonderful experience made her to understand child’s psychology. Her passion towards the profession makes new learning and being creative. She tries to nurture their skills to face the upcoming challenges with more confidence. She believes in providing opportunity make them to feel comfort, pleasure and independent in their learning journey.


Ms. Narmadha Govindaraj
Montessori Educator

Narmadha Govindaraj is an eager and enthusiastic facilitator with experience working with young people. She is a professional BE(ECE) and B.Ed(Math). Sheloves working with young minds and helping them to reach their full potential and learn how to think critically, apply what they have learned to real-world situations, and develop their holistic skills. She believes in making the learning experience a joyful one.


Ms. Madhumitha Nallakumar
Montessori Educator

Madhumitha Nallakumar holds a master’s degree in English and pursuing a bachelor of education. She is committed to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for young minds. Proficient in fostering early childhood development through interactive activities and providing vital support to little ones.Skilled in promoting positive behaviour and fostering a love for learning in our youngest learners.


Ms. Sangeetha. M
Montessori Educator

Sangeetha. M is holding master degree in English and in Education. She is an optimistic person and always open to learn. The ability to connect with every child is her strength. She creates a positive learning environment for the holistic development of the learners. Her love for education makes her a knowledgeable educator in the never -ending teaching-learning process.



Ms. Latha
Primary Educator

Ms. Latha is a dynamic mathematics educator with over 12 years of experience in the field of education. She, known for her innovative teaching styles and methodologies, brings a unique approach into the classroom, infusing passion and creativity into every lesson. Her dedication towards her profession fuels a constant quest for new and exciting teaching methods. She is always ensuring that her students are engaged and inspired to learn. From crafting math-inspired poems to designing captivating hands-on activities, her commitment to making learning enjoyable knows no bounds.


Ms. Geetha. P
Primary Educator

Ms. Geetha is a passionate facilitator who works with young learners to provide a friendly environment that could help the learners in their overall development. I believe that the connection between the learner and the educator has a great impact on the learner’s academic and social development. She makes sure that all the learners are given equal opportunities to explore and learn things through practical experiences.


Ms. Margeret Blessy Stephen
Primary Educator

Ms. Margeret Blessy Stephen holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce and a Bachelor’s in Education, with over seven years of teaching experience. She loves to be with the learners by watching and facilitating their learning. Being passionate about teaching, she creates interesting games and designs new activities for the learners to ensure an interactive and joyful classroom environment. She also creates a comfortable space for learners as if they feel free to express their emotions and thoughts for their overall well-being.


Ms. Renuka. S
Primary Educator

Ms. Renuka S holds a Master’s in English and a Professional Course, a Bachelor’s in Education. Her experience has been in teaching several subjects for several years. She would like to describe herself as a positive, energetic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, respectful, confident and friendly educator. She always wants to model a positive attitude and formal etiquette for her learners.  


Ms. Yamuna. A
Primary Educator

Ms. Yamuna A, a homeroom educator of grade 2 with a Master’s in Math and a Bachelor’s in Education, is tied up with CVM for 10 years. She loves to teach and her passion towards teaching was once sparked by her teacher, she proudly says. She creates a positive and joyful classroom for everyone in the class. She enjoys interacting and being with children. She, the one who looks for perfection and satisfaction in all, feels the same every day by her tireless commitment.


Ms. Pavithra. V.S
Primary Educator

Ms. Pavithra VS is young, energetic and friendly with the young learners. She is broad-minded hence it is handy for her to learn while teaching. She believes that her learning tendency helps her reach out effective teaching-learning process. She keeps working on facilitating the skills and thoughts of the learners hence her way of approach towards her learners is thought-provoking. She assures that her entire stamina is after ensuring a good environment for her learners’ effective learning.


Ms. Shanthiya Abilash
Primary Educator

Ms Shanthiya holds a B.Sc., and an M.Sc., in Computer Science. She feels proud to be a homeroom educator. She opines that working with children is the most rewarding experience and she has the privilege of shaping the minds of the next generation. She feels that it is an experience that she will ever cherish deeply.


Ms. Meenakshi. C
Primary Educator

Ms. Meenakshi is a dedicated educator with a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications and a B.Ed and also with six years of experience in the field of education. She has been an integral part of the team since 2019. Teaching has always been her passion, and she takes pride in fulfilling her dream as a teacher. As a homeroom educator, her main objective is to foster a positive learning environment where students are motivated to participate actively by tailoring instructions according to their unique learning styles and needs.


Ms. Ponmani Kanagaraj
Primary Educator

Ms. Ponmani is an enthusiastic educator who loves to teach and spend time with the learners. She holds a Master’s in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s in Education. She wants to help her learners develop their skills to become life-long learners and enjoy learning every minute. So, she constantly seeks new and innovative ways of teaching to inspire. She chooses engaging and fun-filled ways of teaching over obsolete methodologies. Hence, she spends a lot of time exploring effective classroom teaching methodologies and experiments with them as well.


Ms. Dhanusu. S
Primary Educator

Ms. Dhanusu S has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s in Education from IGNOU. She has been a Primary School Computer Educator for the past 22 years. Her ultimate goal professionally is to equip her learners with the computer skills for them to manage technology throughout their lives. She says that the teaching profession is the only profession where she can truly find happiness. She believes that “The teacher is the second mother to a child”.


Ms. Rama. R
Primary Educator

Ms. Rama who graduated in the teaching profession, is with 5 years of experience in teaching Hindi. She feels very happy and enjoys being with her learners. She believes in experimental and experiential learning. She meets her learners with different types of activities and succeeds in bringing out their creativity in so many ways.


Ms. Subapriya. R
Primary Educator

Ms. Subapriya R, with 10 years of experience in the field of education, belongs to the Department of Tamil. Her prime goal is to enhance literature in learners and she works hard to develop the speaking skills in her learners and to increase their penchant for the mother tongue, Tamil. The teaching profession is the only profession that fulfils her dreams in diverse ways, she believes. She is a proud Tamil Educator.


Ms. Kavitha. B
Primary Educator

Ms. Kavitha B is a passionate Tamil Educator who enjoys teaching Tamil. She encourages learners to express themselves in Tamil and uses fun activities to emphasize grammar concepts for their fluency and elegance in the language. Her way of approach towards her learners is attractive and humble. She feels that if the educator is liked, it subsequently will profess the interest of the learners in the subject so she is always after various new language techniques to draw the attention of the learners towards the language.


Ms. Tushita Periyasamy
Primary Special Educator

Ms. Tushita holds a B.Sc., and a B.Ed., in Special education (Hearing impairment) and Mathematics. She is a dedicated Special Educator with a passion for creating an inclusive learning environment. She is committed to fostering the academic and social development of students with diverse needs. She is skilled in designing and implementing inspiration-tailored curriculum strategies, collaborating with her colleagues and parents, to support individualized learning.


Mr. Sathish. K
Art Trainer

Mr. Sathish K with a B.F.A., and a DT.Ed., has 7 years of teaching experience in arts and crafts. He is handling Grades 1 to XI. He encourages learners to explore and express their creativity through various artistic mediums. He creates an environment where learners can feel comfortable and experiment with different techniques, styles, and materials in their artwork.


Mr. Dujan Annadurai
Music & Dance

Mr. Dujan Annadurai is a classical dance instructor with some 18 years of experience. He composes various dance styles using multiple methodologies. He facilitates learners ranging from beginners to advanced performers. He is clear with his instructions and guidelines which easily makes him move smoothly through all the learners. He evaluates his learners consistently and recommends quick tips and ideas for their skill development. His main focus falls on ensuring a fun as well as a creative environment.


Ms. Sathya. M
Physical Education Trainer

Ms Sathya M has 11 years of experience in the field of Physical Education. She has achieved a lot as a National-level athlete in throw events (all throws) Javelin, Discus, Shot-Put and Hammer. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic Physical Education Trainer who is committed to inspiring individuals of all ages to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Upper Primary


Ms. Devaki. S
Primary Educator

Ms Devaki S is handling English for Grades 4 and 5. She believes that education aims to ensure all learners learn and grow to the best of their ability and even beyond. She loves to teach and inspire young minds to become creative thinkers and independent learners.


Ms. Karthika. S
Primary Educator

Ms Karthika S holds an M.Sc., in Operations Research and Computer Application at NIT, Trichy. She has a huge passion for teaching Mathematics. It is the subject she feels entirely confident in. This is reflected in her ability to teach in a simple yet highly effective manner to cater to learners of different abilities. Over the years, she also has built up extensive subject experiences that have given her a variety of different teaching styles which she can quickly draw upon to meet the needs of her learners, she feels.


Ms. Gomathy. S
Primary Educator

Ms Gomathy.S has completed a Master’s in Computer Applications with a Bachelor’s in Education. She has been handling Information and Communication Technology for over 4 years for Grades 1 to 5. She believes in creating a dynamic, inclusive learning environment where learners can explore, create, and develop essential ICT skills. She also sees technology as a tool to enhance the learning experience by nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in learners.


Ms. Divya. T
Primary Educator

Ms Divya T has been a passionate Maths facilitator for 12 years. She facilitates, motivates, and guides all her learners to learn, unlearn & relearn the concepts of the core areas of academics to encourage a positive learning environment. She can connect with her learners easily. She gets a great sense of achievement from seeing her students develop & grow as independent learners.


Ms. Mohana Radha. A
Primary Educator

Ms Mohana Radha A holds a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and transitioned from the banking sector to become a facilitator at Chettinad Vidya Mandir. Interacting with learners and witnessing their thought processes inspire her to work passionately. She discovers great happiness in her role and the inherent diversity and curiosity of learners make her job consistently invigorated.


Ms. Sangeetha. M
Primary Educator

Ms Sangeetha is a vibrant and proactive individual with an enthusiastic outlook on life. She enjoys working with young minds. This has inspired her to remain a facilitator at Chettinad Vidya Mandir for the past 19 years, as a Science Educator in the Primary & Middle schools. She strongly believes that teaching with clarity, passion, and empathy has a great impact on learners. She constantly looks for different ways to promote a joyful learning environment for the learners, to become self-learners and self-evaluators.


Ms. K. Renuga
Primary Educator

Ms Renuga K, the Tamil Educator who is passionate about the language. Tamil, being one of the ancient languages, inspires her to instil the same passion in learners. She easily connects with learners, which makes their learning experience joyful. She strongly believes in empowering each learner to become a successful individual. She relates the discussed lessons to real-life situations. In such a way she professes love for Tamil among learners.


Ms. R. Renuga
Primary Educator

Ms Renuga R holds an M.Sc., an M.Phil., and a Bachelor’s in Education. She has 14 years of experience in the field of education. As a Social Science Educator, she is always focused on innovative teaching methods that would kindle the curiosity of the learners for them to become positive and confident individuals.


Ms. Shyni.K.Eapen
Primary Educator

Ms Shyni.K. Eapen handles Hindi from Grades 1 to 5. She has 22 years of teaching experience. She holds an M.A., M.Phil. and a Bachelor’s in Education. She is very passionate about teaching Hindi. She motivates her learners by vivifying the significance and the depth of the language. She encourages them to explore the language individually.


Ms. Revathi. K
Primary Librarian

Ms Revathi. K has 12 years of experience in Library Sciences. She holds a Bachelor’s in Library & Information Sciences (BLIS), a Bachelor’s in Chemistry (B.Sc.), a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.) and a Master’s in Hindi (M.A.). She believes in promoting independent thinking and encouraging learners to express their thoughts with confidence. Interacting with young minds and engaging with learners motivates her. Her prime focus is to promote joyful reading among the learners. She encourages her students to express themselves without fear and creates a space for making mistakes and learning from them. She is always ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.


Mr. Mohan Kumar. S
Primary Educator

Mr Mohan Kumar S is very passionate about learning Tamil literary theories, magazines related to literature and reading articles and Journals. He tries his best to update him with the current literary world. This helps him support his learners with the knowledge of all the literature across the world. He enacts, dances and sings in the class to make the Tamil classes lively and fun-filled. He strongly believes that real learning happens when the learning atmosphere is joyous. He helps his learners to interpret, read between the lines, critique, analyze, and most importantly appreciate literary pieces. Thereby, a massive interest is created among the learners about literature across the world. Thus, learners become great leaders in the future, he says.


Mr. P. Mageshchander
Physical Education Trainer

Mageshchander has completed M.Com., M.PEd., M.Phil., B.Ed. and has a distinguished background as a national-level football referee. He brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Beyond the classroom, he emphasizes a holistic approach to well-being, integrating innovative methods for physical activity and fostering sportsmanship. His coaching in football goes beyond technical skills, instilling values of teamwork and discipline. Possessing a PG Diploma in Yoga, he contributes significantly to Chettinad Vidya Mandir’s ethos of comprehensive physical and mental well-being. As a PET, he employs innovative methods to make physical education engaging, tailoring activities to diverse student needs. His commitment to health and wellness extends to advocating for a holistic approach as is evident by his PGDY qualification. Through his dedication to football coaching, he creates an environment where students not only develop athletic prowess but also cultivate essential life skills. His engagement in school events extends to both sports and non-sports activities. He aims to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere where students can showcase their talents and learn important life skills beyond the academic realm.


Mr. Kamalakannan. S
Swimming Educator

Kamalakannan holds a B.B.A. and has completed NIS. He has 8 years of experience in the swimming instructor field. He is dedicated to promoting water safety, instilling confidence in swimmers and fostering a love for swimming as a lifelong skill.

Middle School


Ms. S. Gayathri
Middle School Educator

Gayathri is a passionate English Language Educator and has been with Chettinad Vidya Mandir, Karur for 8 years. She promotes’ value in real-world learning’ in her classroom and creates a joyful learning atmosphere. She loves teaching by engaging young minds productively through various interesting activities. She believes every educator is also a life-long learner and they have important role in students’ life.


Ms. Rani. S
Middle School Educator

Rani is a middle school Educator. She is an M. Com, M.A (English), graduate and holds PGDCS and Bachelor of Education Degree with 25 years of experience in Education. Her passion towards the profession and the subject makes her work very enthusiastically. She believes that the best learning happens in ajoyful atmosphere. Her classes are always a complete pack of fun, knowledge, creativity, discipline and untiring hours. She uses a unique Vedic Technique to enhance children’s learning, listening, comprehension, and imagination skills all at once by having an adventure-packed and jaw dropping story telling session. She is a passionate writer, and makes her learners as independent learners. Travelling is her passion besides teaching.


Ms. Bhuvaneswari. D
Middle School Educator

Bhuvaneswari is a middle school Educator. She is an M.A.,  M.philgraduate with 12 years of experience in Education. She also has pursued B.Ed and D.ted. She is passionate in creating innovative teaching methodologies. She always focuses on creating a cheerful and engaging learning environment through games, songs and art. She facilitates children to be independent learners. She is a passionate reader, writer and a storyteller.


Ms. Karthika. K
Middle School Educator

Karthika. K dedicated Math facilitator at CVM for more than 7years, employs  creative teaching methods to inspire students in Mathematics. She links ideas to real life scenarios, making certain far better understanding and also proactively involves pupils with hands-on tasks to maintain them totally entailed.


Ms. Thilagavathy. S
Middle School Educator

Thilagavathy an esteemed Educator with seven years of experience, holds an MSC in Mathematics, along with a B.Ed and Dted. Passionate about teaching, she skilfully connects mathematical concepts to real-life applications, creating an engaging learning atmosphere. Beyond her academic prowess, she is dedicated to nurturing learners, particularly those showing potential for growth. Her interest in fostering positive life skills reflects in her teaching approach. Outside the classroom, she enjoys exploring new places, further enriching her perspective and teaching experiences.


Ms. N. Sunitha
Middle School Educator

Sunita has completed M.A., B.Ed., Hindi with 28 years of experience. She is handling grades 6 to 10. She is passionate about sharing the beauty and richness of the Hindi language with her learners and empowering them to become confident and proficient Hindi speakers.


Ms. Kokila. A
Middle School Educator

Kokila. A holds a Master’s Degree in Science (Physics) and Education (MSc. MEd.) and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge acquired through 12 years of teaching physics to middle school learners. Her instructional approach centres around the effective “learning by doing” method, fostering hands-on experiences for enhanced understanding. Connecting theoretical physics concepts to real-world applications is a powerful way to make the subject matter more accessible and relevant.


Ms. Sujatha. K
Middle School Educator

She is a biology facilitator with Ph.D. Degree in Biotechnology and with a decade of experience in this field. Her passion lies in fostering a deep understanding of biological concepts and cultivating a love for learning in her learners. She strives to create engaging and interactive lessons that inspire curiosity and critical thinking.


Ms. Kalaivani. R
Middle School Educator

Kalaivani. R is a passionate educator with an M.Phil and B.Ed in Economics and 13 years of teaching experience. She is skilled in making her classes interactive, creative, unique and engaging teaching methods to suit differen learning styles. She uses a positive learning environment. She is a dedicated and hardworking person who believes in making a connection with the children at their level.


Ms. R. Indhumathi

R. Indhumathi is a passionate facilitator in Master of Computer Applications with B.Ed., and handling grades 6 to 8. She is an encouraging educator with an ability to make ICT interesting for adolescents. She provides analogies, and group activities and prepares teaching plans that facilitate classroom participation. She believes that learners are the pool of creativity and innovations.


Mr. S. Dhipakar
Middle School Educator

S. Dhipakar enjoys problem-solving and has a strong logical aptitude. He has completed an, B.Ed in Mathematics and also a D.T.Ed. He has been working in CVM since 2019. CVM gives independence to explore his ideas. He would like to teach the concept with real-life examples. His approach goes beyond the textbook, encouraging learners to explore and appreciate the logic and creativity inherent in Mathematics. He has an interest in sports.


Mr. Manivel. A
Middle School Educator

A. Manivel, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed  is a passionate and dedicated Math Educator, he is committed to creating a supportive learning environment and empowering students to excel in mathematics. By creating engaging and interactive lessons, he works to make math relevant and accessible to all students, regardless of their prior experiences with the subject. He prioritizes active learning and learner engagement, and he is always looking for innovative ways to make math come alive for learners. He works to build strong relationships with learners and create a safe space for them to ask questions, make mistakes, and grow as mathematicians. He aims to help every student develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in math and beyond.


Mr. Vidhyapathi. J
Physical Education Trainer

J. Vidhyapathi, is a distinguished hockey coach and a dedicated Physical Education Facilitator at CVM with a strong foundation in the field of Physical Education. He holds an impressive array of educational qualifications. He has 12 years of teaching experience of which 11 years is dedicated to Chettinad Vidya Mandir. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education (BSc) and furthered his expertise by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Physical Education (B.PED). Committed to holistic well-being, he pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the importance of mental and physical balance in sports and fitness.


Mr. M. Karthikeyan
Middle School Educator

M. Karthikeyan is a Tamil teacher. He has been working as a member of the Chettinad Vidya Mandir family for the past 15 years. He is passionate about teaching for the future generations with the mantra that teaching language through creativity will improve learners’ self-confidence and language skills. He is writing poems onsocial media and media. He has published two poetry books.


Mr. Harikrishnan. N
Middle School Educator

Harikrishnan. N a geological explorer with a master’s in applied geology, doubling up as a geography guru for middle and high schoolers. He has got a knack for unearthing the curiosity in young minds when it comes to all things geography. When he is not decoding rocks and maps, you’ll find him capturing stars in astrophotography, stargazing like a cosmic detective, or jet-setting to new corners of the world. He is all about digging deep into Earth’s mysteries and reaching for the stars – literally!

High School


Ms. Thilagam .S 
Senior Secondary Educator

Thilagam is a passionate and certified Biology teacher with the experience in teaching learners of grades 6 to 10. She is skilled in creating and engaging curriculum and fastening positive student relationships. She has an experience of over 15 years and holds a post- graduation, masters in philosophy and education.


Ms. Dillibai. K
High school educator

Dillibai is a seasoned educator with an M.A. and B.Ed. in history.  With 9 years of teaching experience, she is now in her first year at Chettinad Vidya Mandir, where she specializes in teaching geography for high school learners. She is passionate about education, dedicated to providing individualized support to her students and aims to identify and address their unique learning needs and challenges. She offers personalized guidance and support to ensure their academic and personal success.


Ms. C. Revathi
Senior Secondary Educator

Revathi holds a B.Ed., in Mathematics from Tamil Nadu  Teachers’ Education University. She has completed M.Sc in Mathematics and Information Technology at Bharathidasan University. She has been working in Chettinad Vidya Mandir since 2011. She is handling Computer Science for grades IX and X. She is passionate about creating an educational experience that goes beyond the curriculum, fostering connections that will serve students in their academic and personal lives. Other than teaching, She is interested in Photography and craftwork.


Ms. S. Reni
Swimming Educator

Reni has completed B. A, professional -NIS, & ASCA. She has 9 years of experience. She approaches learners in a comfortable way enhancing their confidence in swimming.


Ms. E. Revathi
Senior Secondary Educator

Revathi is a Maths facilitator who holds M.Sc.,B.Ed.and M.Phil degrees. She has 25 years of teaching experience. She is teaching Maths and Applied Maths  to grades 11 and 12 learners through interesting activities. She motivates her learners in scoring centum. She has the experience of heading the Maths department, housemistress, part of exam department ,tour incharge, Math lab incharge and the class teacher for grade 12. She is awarded the BEST TEACHER by Kovai Sahodaya for her contributions.


Ms. S. Gandhimathi
Senior Secondary Educator

S.Gandhimathi is a dedicated Math facilitator who holds M.Sc.,B.Ed., M.Phil.,degrees. She has an experience of 20 years in teaching Math to the young minds. She joined the team CVM in 2022. She is a part of exam department and the class teacher for grade 12.She is passionate towards sports and games.


Ms. Jayadevi
Senior Secondary Educator

Jayadevi.S is an enthusiastic Physics facilitator who holds, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.A degrees. She has 15 years of teaching experience. She enjoys teaching Physics to the learners of grade 11 and 12 through hands on experiments and solving numerical problems. She encourages her learners to learn physics by connecting it to the real life. She has an experience of heading the Fitness committee, overall incharge of the TIE classes, head of CCE and Lab incharge. Apart from teaching, she is interested in reading books and doing hand works.


Ms. Ramanipriya P
High school educator

Ramanipriya P is a dedicated chemistry facilitator who holds M.Sc, M.Phil B.Ed., degrees. She holds her M.Phil degree in Bharathiar University. She is in her first year in this school and serves as a XI-3 class teacher. She is bringing a wealth of knowledge to the classroom and fostering engaged learning environment.


Ms. Anakha
High school educator

Ms. Anakha Saji, a highly qualified educator with an MA in Economics, B Ed, SET and NET qualifications. In her first year at this school, she serves as the dedicated class teacher for 11-4, bringing energy and passion to her role. Additionally, she takes on the responsibility of being the girls’ hostel in charge, embodying a committed and enthusiastic young professional.


Ms. S. Vanitha
High school educator

Ms. Vanitha, a passionate and committed facilitator with a keen focus on growth, handles Business Studies for Grades 11 and 12. She strives hard to ensure learning to be an enjoyable and interesting experience for all learners, irrespective of their learning styles by keeping them curious, engaged and excited about the process. She strongly supports empowering the learners by enabling them to bring out their best by identifying and igniting the potential of every single learner. With an experience of 9 years, holding MIB; MFC; and Master of Philosophy, facilitates learners in understanding the business environment and enhancing entrepreneurial and management skills as Business is the backbone of the economy. She has contributed her service in the field of Exam department, Co-curricular activities and assembly activities.


Ms. R. Shabarina
High school educator

Shabarina R, M.Sc in Applied psychology. She has training experience in working with clinical setting in IMH, Kilpauk. She is handling Psychology for grade 11. She joined the team CVM in 2023. She loves to incorporate practical and apply real life situations in teaching.


Ms. Nivetha
Senior Secondary Educator

Ms.Nivetha K, a faculty in Computer science holds M.E, B.Ed degrees. She has seven years of teaching experience in Chettinad Vidya Mandir. Her passion towards teaching, led her to teach Computer Science and Informatics practices. She is the person with positive attitude towards every aspect of life. She makes learning enjoyable and pacifies all the fears regarding the subject.


Mr. Thirumoorthy. N
High school educator

Mr. Thirumoorthy N, is an experienced English facilitator who is working with the High School learners, with an established career experience in multiple streams of education and schools. He, since his schooling, has an avid interest and penchant for English communication and later his curiosity and craving smeared all over Literature learning. He is well systematic in demonstrating his literature knowledge blending with multi-folded personal artistic presentations such as vocal techniques, drawing, mono- act, role-play and stand-up comedy. He is passionate about how to make today’s learning larger and wider than yesterday’s. He feels that his commitment towards showing the world of language to learners alone can mean his Post Graduation in English and B.Ed.,. He hunts for new learnings in all the possible ways to be in the front to guide and facilitate whatsoever the learners must explore before their schooling. For which, along with such a flair for his professional development, he also keeps himself updated with regular newspaper reading, physical exercises, bike ride, painting and watching foreign movies. He believes in, ‘Your hobbies are who you are’.


Mr. Ravi. Y
High school educator

Ravi.Y is a passionate English Facilitator. He has completed his Master Degree in English Literature. He handles English for grades IX, X, and XI,  He has been in service for the past 6 years in Chettinad Vidya Mandir. He sees so much growth in him as he travels along the school. He is very much passionate about learning literary theories, magazines related to literature, reading articles, and Journals. He does his best to update the current literary world. He enacts in the class to make the English classes lively and fun-filled as he strongly believes that real learning happens when the learning atmosphere is joyous.  He helps students to interpret, read between lines, critique, analyze and most importantly to appreciate the literary pieces. Thereby, interest is created among the students to read global literature and thus students of CVM become great leaders in future.


Mr. Muthusamy. N
High school educator

Muthusamy.N is a postgraduate in History with a Gold Medal and secured first rank in B.Ed. He is a passionate teacher of Political Science and has 11 years of experience. He strongly believes that the prime duty of a teacher is to guide the younger generation to become responsible citizens. An effective and creative teacher, to him society is the ‘social lab’ for Social Science students. He links the discussion topics with the day-to-day happenings around the world. He loves music, nature and writes poems.


Mr. S. Dayal Jeyachandran
Senior Secondary Educator

Dayal Jeyachandran.S currently serves as a Post Graduate Teacher in Accountancy showcasing a remarkable career backed by a rich academic background. Holding degrees in M.Com, M.Phil., and B.Ed., he boasts an impressive 12-year teaching experience. Beyond traditional academia, he is a proficient soft skills trainer and a motivational speaker. His expertise extends to various facets of business, including Income Tax, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Law, Auditing, and Computerized Accounting. Committed to staying at the forefront of his field, he consistently updates his knowledge, evident in his completion of courses like “Managerial Accounting and Cost Accounting” and “Deferred Taxes through Case Studies” Notably, his passion for teaching Accountancy has inspired numerous students to excel in their board exams. His career began as an Assistant Professor in an Arts and Science College, where he took charge of the P.G Section, served as an NSS Programme Officer, and coordinated the Consumer Club. During this period, he organized impactful awareness rallies, blood donation camps, tracking camps, Clean India Programmes, and NSS special camps. With a robust 5 years of research experience, he has successfully guided projects at the B.Com, M.Com, and M.Phil levels. His scholarly contributions are evident in the publication of various journals, notably in the realms of Marketing and Human Resource Development, with four papers accepted and published in UGC approved Journals. Furthermore, his role as a question setter for M.Com Papers in Bharathiyar University underscores his academic influence and dedication to shaping the future of aspiring Chartered accountants.


Mr. Bibin Jose
High school educator

Bibin Jose is an M.Sc., B.Ed holder in Computer Science. He has been working in Chettinad Vidya Mandir since 2020. He handles Informatics Practices for grades 11 and 12. He holds the responsibilities of being a part of exam department, preparing fortnightly reports and class teacher of grade 11.


Mr. Saravanan. K
Senior Secondary Educator

Saravanan.K holds MA.,B.Ed (Tamil)degree from Bharathiyar university. He has been working in Chettinad Vidya Mandir since 2008.He is handling Tamil for the grades VIII to X.  Other than teaching , he has organised and led the exam department, wellness, events and celebration, house mastership and time table scheduling. He is interested in directing tamil dramas for various events.


Mr. Elayaraja K
Senior Secondary Educator

Mr. Elayaraja is an energetic, self motivated and enthusiastic Physics facilitator. He holds master’s degree in Physics from Bharathidasan University and B.Ed., from Tamilnadu Teachers Education University. He has been working with young minds over 16 years. He enjoys teaching physics for grade IX and X learners at chettinad Vidya Mandir for the past 10 years. He is an active Wellness Committee head, House Master, Lab incharge and Class Teacher for grade X.  He believes in providing hands-on experience to learners andrelates Physics concept with the real life to make the learning journey a meaningful and joyful one.


Mr. B. C. Vishwanath
Senior Secondary Educator

Vishwanath.B.C is the facilitator for Hindi, Sanskrit and Purna Vidya classes. He has completed MA. M. Phil. and B. Ed. in Sanskrit. He has a vast experience in the teaching learning process of 15 years in several Schools. He promotes joyful learning and in-depth knowledge of the concept. He loves our vast and prestigious Indian culture. He encourages the learners to know about Indian value system.


Mr. Manikandaprabu. S
Physical Education Trainer

Manikandaprabu.S has around 17 years of experience.  He is a state-level player in Badminton, Judo and Basketball. Budokan Karate Blackbelt- II Don, is something he has achieved to prove his consistent mental and physical training personally. His goal is to let him achieve more than what he has done. Hence, his close training and observation in the school benefits all the learners in so many ways. His prime principle in the teaching field is to give moral support to all his learners to hold disciplinary motives in all possible ways. He says, “My physical and mental fitness must reflect in my learners’ future in as many possible ways as possible and that is my


Mr. M. Natarajan
Art Trainer

M. Nataraj completed M.F.A., DT.Ed., He has 8 years of teaching experience in art and craft. He is handling Grades 1 to XII. He encourages learners to explore and express their creativity through various artistic mediums. He creates an environment where learners feel comfortable experimenting with div fferent techniques, styles, and materials in their artwork.


Mr. Seela Anil Kumar
High school educator

M. Nataraj completed M.F.A., DT.Ed., He has 8 years of teaching experience in art and craft. He is handling Grades 1 to XII. He encourages learners to explore and express their creativity through various artistic mediums. He creates an environment where learners feel comfortable experimenting with div fferent techniques, styles, and materials in their artwork.


Mr. Kalimuthu Kumaran. S

Kalimuthu is a Post graduate in Library and Information Science [MLISc] and Undergraduate in Industrial Electronics [BSc.,] both in regular mode from Bharathidasan University and has 15 years of vast experience in the field of library and information science at various schools and higher educational institutions. He believes the proverb “ Library is the  heart of the Institution” and working towards to prove the five laws of library Science given by Dr Sirkazhli  R Ranganathan, father of library science
in India.


Mr. Ajay Das. T. P
High school educator

Ajay Das.T.P is a Biology facilitator with Msc zoology and B.Ed., He has qualified SET and has 7 years experience in NEET coaching.He joined CVM in 2022. He is handling NEET for grades 11 and 12 and foundation course for grades 6 to 10. He is the class teacher of grade 11 Champa. He aims to inculcate a special interest of plants and animals among learners.