Tour to Hyderabad

Students of grades V to VIII went on an educational tour to Hyderabad. Besides visiting the museum and the fort, students were also involved in many fun activities as a part of their learning.

Field Trip

As part of their Biology lesson ‘Diversity in Living Organisms’ students of Grade IX went on a field trip to Sevapur, Karur. The focus of the trip was to enable the students to appreciate nature and understand the value of peaceful co-existence.

Field Trip – Mayanur Amma Park

As a part of their curriculum, students of grades I and II were taken to the Mayanur Amma Park. They observed the various kinds of plants and saw different varieties of fish and learnt their scientific names. The trip was a great out- door learning experience for the children.

House Visit

Students of the Kindergarten were taken for a house visit to their classmates’ homes. The aim of the visit was to help students acquire social skills and learn good manners, while experiencing the joy of sharing with friends. The visit was a healthy mix of fun and learning.


Field Trip to Tanjavur

Grade VII visited Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjore to understand `Temple Architecture’ as a part of the lesson in History `Rulers and Buildings’.

Koyamballi Farm

Grade IX visited a farm at Koyamballi in Karur as an extension of classroom learning in Tamil and Economics for the lessons “On killing a tree” and “The Story of Palampur Village” respectively.

Fire Safety and First Aid

Teachers and students of CVM attended a session on “Basic Fire Safety & First Aid” at Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Sravanan from Primary Health Center and Mr. Vijayakumar, the District Fire Officer, conducted the first aid and the fire safety training respectively.

District Central Library

Grade VI visited the Karur District Central Library to understand how a Library functions.


Students of grade XI visited Vaanagam, at Kadavoor in Karur. This visit provided them many valuable insights on “Climate Action” the Global Citizenship topic the students are working on.

An Educational Tour

Students of Grade IX to XII went on a three day tour to Wayanad. The trip was an opportunity for them learn while having fun.

A Field Trip

The JKG. was taken to the Aquarium in Mayanur as part of the theme “Underwater Animals”. This trip provided an opportunity to observe the different varieties of underwater animals.

House Visit

The Kindergarten children went on a house visit. The objective of this activity was to nurture the spirit of sharing and also teach students to be cordial and friendly.

A Tour for Hostellers

A fun trip to Pondicherry was organized for the hostel students.

A Field Trip

As an extension of their lesson in Tamil, students of Grade VIII visited a “Pottery Shop” to understand the art of Pottery making.

Government School Visit

As part of for their GC project, students of Grade X interacted with the Government school students at Goundanpalayam to collect data on quality education.

House Visit

Children of K.G. made a home visit. It was one of their classmates‘ home. This activity created an awareness on the ettiquettes below:

– welcome warmly

– receive a guest joyfully

– provide hospitality

– make the guest feel at home

– comfort them with your presence

Towards Erudition

Students of grade X visited Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology. This field trip provided students with extended knowledge beyond the class rooms. An Assistant Professor of the college explained the circuits systems and the operative system of the Generator in a comprehensive manner.

Field Trip to Printing Press – Grade 10

With regards to the topic ‘PRINT CULTURE AND THE MODERN WORLD’, Grade X children were taken to a Printing Unit – M/s. Moon Labels, Karur for a first-hand experience of the Printing process, machineries, methods of printing etc.,

Staff Tour to Kochin

Global Citizenship Exhibition at Hari Shree

A teachers of C.V.M. visited Chettinad Harishree Vidyalayam, Chennai. The school had organized an exhibition on Global Citizenship Program. It helped the staff get more insights into Global Citizenship activities.

Visit of Hostlers to Temple in Nerur, Karur

Global Citizenship across the grades

Children from grade X visited the Government Hr. Sec. School, Puliyur, Karur. As a part of the Global Citizenship Programme, our children were able to teach the Government school students how to book tickets online. They also imparted some pointers on effective communication.

Global Citizenship – Farming

Children from grade XI Padmal visited Nerur to gather knowledge about farming. The farmers from the village helped the aspiring learners understand the activity through their anecdotes and hands-on experience.

Global Citizenship – ‘Awareness and Precautions’

Students from grade XI visited the Raja Clinic, Karur. As a part of the GC theme ‘Awareness and Precautions’, our children spoke with Dr. Sadhasivam about seasonal diseases. They further enlightened the children from grade V on the merits of keeping their hands clean.

A Real Poongavanam

Children from grade X went on a field trip to ‘Poongavanam’, a waste management unit in Kovilpalayam. They witnessed the waste being effectively managed at the unit.

Field Trip Handloom Factory

Students from grade VII went on a field trip to a handloom factory in Uppidamangalam. They were able to understand the work that goes behind making clothing and the risks involved as well.

KG students explore the neighbourhood

Students from K.G. visited the Ganapathy Temple, Puliyur. They also visited the Indian Overseas Bank and got to know how a bank functions. Besides that, our children also visited a veterinary hospital in Puliyur. They learnt how veterinarians helped animals.


Ganapathy Temple

Veterinary Hospital

A Day in the Museum

Children from grade VI visited the museum in Karur. The aim of the visit was to allow the students to explore historical artifacts in person. The visit helped the students to contextualize the lessons they learn in school.

Adventure Camp – Nagpur

One of the interesting activities that our students look forward to is the tour and adventure camp. A mix of children from all grades went for the camp. The stay in Nagpur was a great experience for our young adventurers.

Visit to the Physiotherapist

Students from CVM visited a physiotherapy clinic in Puliyur as a part of their club activity. The physiotherapist interacted with our children and answered all their questions. The session was very informative as it helped the students visualize the human anatomy.

Visit to ‘Project Expo’

Children from grades IX and X visited ‘Project Expo’ which took place at the Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology in Puliyur, Karur. The young engineers from Chettinad College inspired our students tremendously through presentations and knowledge of concepts.

Visit To A Textile Unit

Our students were taken to a textile factory which produces and exports cloths to various countries. They were able to experience the process of production first hand with the help of the staff from the unit.

Field Trip To The Post Office

Children from S.K.G were taken to the post office in Puliyur. This trip gave them an insight into the functioning of this office.

Field Trip – Puliyur Park

The science department organised a field trip to a park in Puliyur. Our children analysed a variety of vegetation, undergrowth and shrubbery. The park provided a great space for the youngsters to expand their knowledge.

Field Trip To CCET

Children from grade X visited the Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology, Puliyur to learn about generators. The professors of the college explained the function, nature and capacity of generators. The visit created a lot of interest among the students about the field of research.