Guidelines and Safety Protocols for reopening of Schools as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the Government. 

A. Precautionary measures and sanitization:

  1. Students and staff having symptoms will avoid attending school and seek medical care
  2. Parents must not send their wards to school if the child or any member living in the same household suffers from fever/cough/breathlessness etc. Similarly, children with underlying medical conditions are to take appropriate precautions as advised by their respective medical practitioners.
  3. Parents shall not send the children having COVID related symptoms to schools but take appropriate tests and treatment without any delay and follow usual
  4. Every student/ staff/ visitor will wear face masks compulsorily inside and outside the school premises.
  5. Students/staff shall be screened for symptoms such as cough, cold and breathlessness. Thermal screening of all students/staff will be done on arrival at the school following physical distancing norms. Sanitizers are placed at the entry and exit points of the
  6. The school premises along with furniture, handrails, doors, windows etc. is cleaned and disinfected as per the Government guidelines. This exercise will be done daily after the students leave the school in the
  7. Provision of hand wash facilities with liquid soap and running water is available, In addition, hand sanitizers are placed in all classrooms and labs.
  8. The toilets are disinfected and cleaned
  9. All teaching learning material such as teaching aid, lab equipment, desks, chairs, computers, printers, laptops, tablets etc. focusing particularly on frequently touched surfaces/objects shall be disinfected
  10. Availability of safe and clean drinking water for students shall be ensured. Students are encouraged to bring their own water
  11. No period is allotted for Physical Education in school. Assemblies, Sports, events and cultural activities will not be conducted in the physical
  12. Staggering the timing of entry and exit for students of different classes will be
  13. Different break times shall be provided for different
  14. The school’s kitchen is closed currently and children will need to carry their own packed lunch/snacks. Further no sharing of food among students will be allowed.
  15. Students will not use the
  16. Entry of visitors is discouraged and any gathering outside the gate shall be strictly
  17. The school timings shall be from 8.50am to 3pm – Monday to Friday. Online classes will happen on Saturdays.
  18. The students must bring a consent letter from parents on the day of physical reopening.

B. Social Distancing norms

  1. On all working days, proper social distancing norms shall be followed to avoid crowding in the entrance and inside the school
  2. Students will ensure that they sit at marked/allocated seats maintaining physical/social distancing and wearing face covers /masks in the classes, laboratories or any other part of school premises.
  3. Students are expected to adhere to the different lanes earmarked for moving around in the school premises.
  4. Circles are marked on the floor to ensure social distancing in the queue wherever
  5. Students and staff are encouraged to use private transport facility

C. Social behaviour for pandemic prevention

  1. Wearing of face masks shall be compulsory in all areas of the school premises by
  2. Children are advised to bring extra masks (in a clean bag) and not to exchange masks with others
  3. Touching any surfaces of furniture/fixtures/railings/lifts/handles and other surfaces should be kept to the
  4. Respiratory etiquettes should be strictly followed. This includes disposing of used tissue papers properly.
  5. Self-monitoring of health by all and reporting any illness at the earliest is
  6. Sharing of any material (Textbooks, Notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Tiffin Box, Water Bottles, etc.) by students with each other shall be

SOP to be followed in case a student/teacher/employee develops symptoms (fever, cough difficulty in breathing)

  1. Any student/teacher/staff displaying symptoms shall be immediately isolated. Parents will be requested to pick the child from school and test the
  2. Disinfection of the premises to be taken up if the person is found
  3. Persons who were in close contact with the positively tested student or person shall remain in home quarantine for self-monitoring.