The joyful transformative journey that begins in the pre-primary and culminates in grade 12, is a carefully designed curriculum that develops the child holistically – physically, culturally socially, emotionally and spiritually. It begins in the pre-primary with foundational skills, transitions seamlessly into primary and middle school where children further build their knowledge, skills and dispositions, culminates in the secondary stage as a well-rounded experiential learning that creates life-long learners.

A meticulously planned transition program is designed in the beginning of grade 6 to familiarise the children with the new subjects. The program also introduces the children to the learning approaches and assessment patterns followed in Middle School.

We follow the NCERT Syllabus. Children engage with the topics through healthy debates, discussions, seminars, guest sessions, research and field trips.

The subjects in the Middle School are:
• English
• Math
• Science
• Social Studies
• Tamil
• Computer Science
• 3rd language – Hindi (Grades 1 to 8)

Assessments are systematically planned and aligned with CBSE requirements. Assessments supports continuous improvement and is supported by constructive feedback. Formative and Summative Assessments help the children to self-regulate and persevere for personal excellence. End of Term examinations are conducted every term.






Co scholastic Assessment:
For the holistic development of students, co-curricular activities are organized and are graded term wise on a three-point grading scale. (A=Outstanding, B=Very Good and C=Fair)

Academic Support
Remediation Support is extended to children after school hours.

Assemblies are an integral part of our regular working days. These are theme-based and are organised and conducted by the students themselves, building their organisational skills and team work. Assemblies provide opportunities for children to showcase their creativity and talents, and share their views on important issues.

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Theatre: The theatre sessions focus on enhancing the intuitive, instinctive, impulsive and imaginative skills of the students. The activities pan across the three main divisions of theatre – acting, designing and direction to help the students understand heightened reality, acquire narrative skills and delve deeper into texts and contexts.

Theatre is an integral part of the curriculum till grade 8 and contributes to building confidence in children and promotes greater participation in the classroom and beyond. We partner with experts in the field to provide our students with a rich learning experience.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular program is aligned to the school’s philosophy and provides opportunities for specializing in Performing Art, Visual Art, Sports after school hours. Children can opt from an array of after-school activities facilitated by both in-house experts and external professionals.

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