ASSET is a skill based test that measures student’s conceptual understanding.

Mrs. Gomathi, from Educational Initiatives conducted a session for teachers on Post Analysis of ASSET. The session aimed to discuss how the test helps students develop their conceptual understanding.

A Keen Observation

Ms. Chitra D, Ms. Chitra K, Ms. Sangeetha A and Ms. Uma S – Kindergarten teachers visited Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai. The focus of the visit was to observe the classes and understand the integration of art and music in to the curriculum.

Hubs of Learning

CVM is a Hub of Learning in the Karur region. Teachers from the Department of English and Science demonstrated teaching strategies to teachers of various schools in the region.


Ms. Indhumathi E, the Head – Department of ICT, attended a two-day training program on “Machine Learning using Python” organized by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Coimbatore.

A Session for the Principals

Ms. Vidhya M.S. Principal, attended a session on “Confluence of School Leaders” at Kovai Sahodaya School Complex.


Ms. Lillyvimala A, Ms. Divya T , Ms. Vanitha S, Ms. Renuka R were a part of Utsav at Hari Shree Vidhyalayam in Chennai.

A Conference by XSEED

Teachers of primary school participated in the conference on “Writing Skills”.

Value Education Session

Ms. Vidhya M.S., Principal of CVM was a resource person during a session on “Value Education” at The Rajas International School in Nagarkovil.

Utsav – A Sharing

Mr.Thirumoorthy and Ms.Sangeetha shared their experiences at UTSAV organized at Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai.

Purna Vidya classes

Ms. Padmaja from Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai observed the teaching-learning process in CVM.

Micro-teaching – Mr. S. Mohan Kumar

Mr. Mohan Kumar from the Department of Tamil conducted micro-teaching session for teachers.

Zoom Conference- XSEED

An online session by XSEED was conducted on effective teaching strategies.

Neel Kathaigal

Five primary school teachers attended a session on Neel Kathaigal at CVM, Coimbatore.

UTSAV 2019-’20

Mr. Thirumoorthy and Ms. Sangeetha from CVM attended the Utsav sessions in Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai.

Stress Relief Program

The plan to conduct a stress-relief program for the teaching fraternity took shape during the session on healthy living.

A Workshop

Ms. Renganayaki and Mr. Saravanan from the Department of Tamil, attended a workshop at PSG School, Coimbatore.

Strengthening Assessment

Ms. Vidhya M.S, Principal and Ms. N. Priyadharshini from the department of Mathematics attended a session on “Strengthening Assessment” @ PSG Public School, Coimbatore. The learning and strategies from the workshop were shared with the teachers of C.V.M.

Strengthening Assessment – Sharing Session

Capacity Building Program

Mr. N. Muthusamy and Mrs. Shika Alias Bersom from the department of Social Science attended a one day session on ‘Capacity Building Programme for Secondary School teachers in Social Science’ conducted by Kovai Sahodaya Schools Complex. The session addressed the teaching methodologies adopted in teaching Social Science.

“Multidisciplinary Approach to Indian History”

Our teachers, Ms. Sandhiya Rani, Vanitha, Shika, Kalaivani and Renuga attended a workshop on “Multidisciplinary Approach to Indian History” at Cochin.

“Ethics and Integrity”

Ms. Thilagam and Mr. Jayaprakash attended a session on “Ethics and Integrity” in Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore. The session aimed at blending Ethics and Integrity not only into the subjects, but also into everyday life.

Micro Teaching

“Plan, Teach, Observe, Re-plan, Re-teach and Re-observe” was the focus of the microteaching session conducted by Ms. Vanitha, Ms. M. Lekha and Ms. T. Diya of primary school. The purpose of the session was to teach-each-other and learn-from-each-other.

Circle Time

Teachers of primary school conducted a circle time to discuss strategies for correction of workbooks and notebooks of grades I and II.

A Practice of Accounting

Ms. Pandimeena, a faculty of CVM attended a workshop on “Accountancy” @ Kovai Sahodaya Complex in Coimbatore.

Value Based Education

Mr. N. Muthuswamy and Ms. Kalaivani of CVM attended a session on the need for value-based education and the importance of inculcating good values in the youth of today.

Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Revathi and Ms. Renuga participated in a workshop on “Artificial Intelligence” in P.S.G.R. Krishnammal College for women, Coimbatore.


Teachers attended a workshop on Capacity Building in English Language Improvement Program at Om Sadhana Central School, Madurai. The program aimed at enhancing the skills of the teachers to adopt advanced teaching methodologies in the classrooms.

Global Citizenship Program

Mr. Gowtham and Vimal conducted a session on the Global Citizenship Program to guide guided the teachers towards effective conduct and meaningful implementation of the Global Citizenship program.

Vedic Heritage

The Principal and teachers attended ‘The Vedic Heritage program’ in Purna Vidya Ashram, Coimbatore.

Classroom Management

Ms. Lisha and Mr. Ravi attended a session in Navodaya Academy, Namakkal on Classroom Management.

Capacity Building Program

A few teachers of the school participated in the capacity-building program in Senthil Public School, Salem.


Mrs. Lilly Vimala conducted a micro-teaching session for the teachers of the department of Science aimed at improving the quality of teaching.

A Session of Revelation

Teachers attended a professional development session by Mr. Manivannan. A systematic approach to understanding the process of the growth of the child was the core of the session.

Awakened Citizenship Program

Mr.Manivel, Mr.Thirumoorthy, Ms.Karthika, Ms.Kalaivani and Ms.Shikha attended a workshop conducted by Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai on awakened Citizenship Program


Mr. Elayaraja and Mr.Jayaprakash attended a workshop on ‘Photography’ in Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai. The session facilitated by Mr. Ramnath, a film maker was aimed at imparting techniques of photography which was shared with the other teachers of CVM.

The techniques on Photography were shared with the other teachers in the school.

Book Reading

The K.G. teachers engaged in a Book Reading session on Effective Teaching of Mathematics to share different dimensions of teaching math to the students.

An Invitation for Reflection and Contemplation

Ms. Lilly Vimala, Ms. Divya T and Ms. Gayathri attended a session in Coimbatore on Teacher Effectiveness. The session was enriching and resourceful.