M. S. Vidhya, Principal

A masters in Applied Mathematics, M. Phil in Mathematics and has an experience of over 30 years as a Mathematics teacher, Senior Academic coordinator and as a Principal. She has a rich experience of teaching Maths for more than 20 years and was a ‘Progressive Resource Person’ for Mathematics and Value Education for CBSE. She was appointed as a member of the Inspection committee by CBSE and has inspected 17 schools for affiliation. She was invited for a reciprocal visit to The Spring Field’s First school, Staffordshire, UK which was a part of the Global School Partnership by the British Council. She has led projects like International School Award, Fund raisers for community outreach projects. She believes that every child is unique and have individual learning styles, she is interested in creating differentiation in teaching and empowers teachers to develop “Thinking classrooms”.

Usha.PL, Vice Principal

Ms.Usha has two decades of teaching experience and has taught Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. She has been a part of the planning and implementation team and involved in structuring academic goals and teaching methodologies. She believes in ‘Learning by Doing’. An active exponent of global citizenship, she participates and organizes social campaigns for the school and helps children create awareness for the community.

Anbuselvi .R, Sr.Secondary Coordinator, HOD of Science

R.Anbuselvi M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil, is a Senior Secondary Coordinator, HOD of Science & a Biology Teacher. She has 12 years of teaching experience as and has taught students of different age levels from grade III to XII. She focusses on integrating life skills as a part of her teaching. She believes that scientific bent of mind is essential quality for all and helps us become creative problem solvers.

R. Padmapriya, High School coordinator

Padmapriya is a graduate in Hindi and has a postgraduate degree in History and Economics. She has over 20 years of experience as an educator. As a passionate history teacher, she strives to relate her teaching to real life. A cheerful person, she helps children think positively.

Ms. K. Sujatha, Middle School coordinator

Sujatha, with over 22 years of teaching experience taught English, Mathematics, Science and Chemistry in CBSE curriculum. Apart from academics, she is passionate about being a part of community projects along with children and guides them to be contributors in society. She has also been a coordinator for planning and implementing the International School Award, Margazhi Utsav, Global Citizenship program, and other Fund-raising programs. She believes that ‘every child matters’ and is working with a team of teachers giving special care and attention to students who need individual support in academics. She strongly believes that teaching joyfully can do wonders.

Ms.Chitra.D , Pre Primary & Lower Primary coordinator

Chitra has Bachelor’s in Business Studies and is a trained professional in Early Childhood Education. She works with experts in creating an age-appropriate experiential curriculum for the kindergarten. She is versatile and is passionate about reaching children through storytelling, dramatics, dancing, etc., to teach children in different ways. A patient leader, she guides the teachers in curriculum development and the latest methods of teaching young children.

Ms.Lilly Vimala. A, Upper Primary Coordinator

Lilly Vimala has a master’s degree in Chemistry and has been a teacher for over 20 years. She loves working with primary children and enjoys teaching science. Hands-on activities ignite young mind’s curiosity for learning. She believes that connecting the subject with the environment by fostering an understanding of interconnectedness between nature and human beings can help the children find ways of conserving the planet.

Mr.Jayaprakash.A, HOD of English

Jayaprakash A, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., heads the department of English and handles grades XI, and XII. He has been associated with CVM for 8 years. He has completed his M.Phil. in English. He has presented papers in the National conferences and has specialized in ELT (English Language Teaching). He was the speaker of All India Radio, Tiruchirappalli, and served as a resource person on various occasions. He believes that the world needs compassion and education should help youth become compassionate human beings.

Ms. Dhivya. M – HOD in charge of the Department of Mathematics

M. Dhivya has completed her MSc Mathematics and also Masters in Computer Applications. She has been a teacher by profession for almost a decade. She loves teaching students on exploring and researching mathematical processes in everyday life.

Ms. R. Renganayaki, HOD of Tamil

Renganayaki is a dedicated, resourceful and diligent educator in Tamil Language with a commitment to the Social and Academic growth and Development of every child. She has over 22 years of teaching experience. She believes that the role of a teacher is to lead students in self-discovery. She is passionate about empowering learners to think rather than memorise. A trained educator, she is also a passionate traveller, and music enthusiast and book lover.

N.Muthusamy, HOD of Social Science

Muthusamy is a post graduate in History with a Gold Medal, secured first rank in B.Ed. He is a passionate teacher of Political Science and has 11 years of experience. He strongly believes that the prime duty of a teacher is to guide the younger generation to become responsible citizens. An effective and creative teacher, to him the society is the ‘social lab’ for the Social Science students. He links the discussion topics with the day-to-day happenings around the world. He loves music, nature and writes poems.

E. Indhumathi, HOD of Computer Science

Indhumathi E has 12 years of experience in facilitating the learning of computer science to the students of various grades. She motivates children to be creative, innovative, independent thinkers and problem solvers. She aims to empower her students to face the digital world with confidence and responsibility. She guides the teachers of the department in curriculum design and by organizing training programs in the latest in the field.

R. Senthil, HOD of Physical Education

Senthil is a very passionate and an enthusiastic physical education & fitness trainer. He has been a teacher for over 15 years. He is passionate about cricket, and has been a coach for 15 years. He firmly believes that children should be encouraged to explore various sports and understand the importance of teamwork to maintain the spirit of the game.