Global citizenship is a framework that equips children for a critical and active engagement with the challenges and opportunities of life in a fast changing and interdependent world. It enables children to develop their skills as “Agents of Change” with the idea of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”.

All students and teachers from KG to XII are involved in various projects throughout the year to spread the urge for sustainable development. The theme of all the projects will be focused on the global goals given by the UNO.

Grade Topics
3 Number card making / Grow spinach/ Puzzle on flower / Balancing towers
4 Wealth out of waste/ Clay dolls / Small business
5 Bird watch / Fitness calendar / Healthy snacks
6 Save water / No Junk food / Health awareness / Yoga & fitness
7 Operation banana(Manure making) / Wealth out of coconut waste/ Clean campus and environment / Technological innovation
8 Vermin composting / Avoid plastic / Waste management / Paper bags
9 Traditional games in the world /Notebook making /Home remedies / Logistics management
10 Mat weaving / Let’s share / Each one teach one
11 Diseases: Awareness and Precautions/ Organic farming /Women empowerment
12 Reach pit / Planting trees / Clean campus