The school has adopted an International Policy and aims at

  • creating an awareness of cross culture, tradition and habits to analyse and appreciate differences and uniqueness
  • creating opportunities for children to gather first – hand information about other countries
  • enabling teachers to adopt and implement internationalism in teaching
  • implementing Global Citizenship projects & activities with internationalism as one of the objectives
  • providing a platform where children can interact with partners in other countries
  • observing International Days in school

National & International Recognition

International School Award: The British Council International School Award has supported the school in embedding international learning through its curriculum, giving the students and teachers a new perspective to the process of teaching and learning and the skills required for the future.

The school was the proud recipient of the ISA in 2013 and it has been renewed in 2016 for another three years. The school along with the British Council works on “Creativity and Imagination” by inculcating the core skills in its learners.