The teaching methodology at Chettinad Vidya Mandir involves the wholesome use of activities such as debates, role plays and seminars to actively involve our children in the process of learning. Lab activities involve hands on experience based learning, which makes it possible for our children to visualize subjects in a practical manner. The school has labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social Studies. The school also has AV theatres which enable our children to learn things visually and make the learning process a fun-filled one.

The school believes that no child should be left behind. Children who have learning difficulties are placed under the guidance of a special educator (Ms. Mallika Ganapathy) to nurture and elevate their potential.

We encourage team work in the form of class presentations every week where each class gives a presentation on a topic of their choice with participation made mandatory for all the children from the class.

The school believes in the continuous evolution of their faculty and their teaching methods. The faculty here undergoes various training sessions to help enrich their skills and to give our children a wonderful learning experience.